The Magiki App
is out now!
Ten fantastic games with characters from the Magiki world. Colourful, fun games you can play with your favourite pets!

Your best
Pick out a special rainbow fairy
to join you in this beautiful adventure.

No. If you want to reinstall the App, you don't need to make a new purchase and can simply download it, free of charge, from the App Store
No. Apple allows you to install the App on different devices, free of charge. Simply download the App from the App Store once again
No. The App can also be downloaded via 3G; however, given its size (70 MB), we recommend downloading when connected to a Wi-Fi connection
No. All content is in the App. Once downloaded, all content will always be available on your device and you won't need an internet connection to use it
Please make sure that you have the correct iOS version installed on your device. The "Magiki" App is compatible with iOS 7.0 or later versions